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For the first time a settlement under the name of Kachibey was mentioned in 1396. Since the end of the XIV century the town depended on the Crimean Khanate. It had been under the jurisdiction of Russia since 1791. The town has got modern name in 1795.

Герб російського періоду


The emblem of the Russian period

An emblem of the Russian period was confirmed on the 22nd of April 1798. A shield per fess with or and gules. In the upper part there was an naissant state eagle, in the lower part one could see a argent anchor.


Проект Кене


B.Kene project

In 1875 there had been worked out a project of a new emblem of the town - in a gules field there was an argent anchor with four anchor-flukes and an argent ring. In the or canton in the dexter side there was naissant double-headed eagle crowned with three crowns. The shield was crowned with an or mauerkrone with five embattlements with gules seams, behind the shield there were two or crosswise anchors entwined with the ribbon of the Order of St.Alexander. It was not confirmed.

Герб радянського періоду


The soviet emblem

It was confirmed at October, 10, 1967 by the decision N77 of city council executive committee. The board per fess by or and gules. In the first part is the argent battleship "Potyomkin" with the gules flag, accompanied by the or star in the top left corner. In the second part is argent anchor. The author is J.Gorjunov.

Герб Одеси (великий)


The modern emblem (large)

It was confirmed on the June, 29, 1999. In a gules field is an argent anchor. The shield framed by decorative cartouche with star and crowned by or mauerkrone with three embattlements. The authors are P.Bondarenko, Y.Vyazovs'kyi, M.Emelianov, I.Kalmakan, V.Savchenko and artist G.Faer.

Герб Одеси (малий)


The modern emblem (little)

The small emblem of Odesa is used without cartouche and crown, but with a azure-or bordering on perimeter of a board.




The gonfalon

The gonfalon was affirmed by June, 29, 1999. A square panel from three vertical isometric bars - red, white and yellow, divided between itself by thin dark blue strias, on a white bar - small coat of arms of city (the relation of the coat of arms on height to the side of a flag constitutes 2:9). The authors are Y.Vyazovs'kyi and G.Faer.


Хоругва міської ради


The gonfalon of city council

The urban flag with horizontal flagstaff is used as well as gonfalon of municipal council.



Штандарт міського голови


The gonfalon of a council head

The gonfalon of a council head: a square panel from three isometric vertical bars: golden, silver and red, divided between itself and from a lower edge and having on each side by thin dark blue strihg, in the middle is city emblem. 

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