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It was founded in 1816 and named in honor of the Victory on the 9th of March 1814 over Napoleon in Arsi (in French "Arcis"). The first settlers were the Ukrainians, the Poles and the Germans.

Герб російського періоду


The modern emblem

On the 19th of April 1991 town council session confirmed a modern emblem. It looks like a Varangian heraldic shield with a compatment. The upper part is tierced in pall, topographically representing a railway. In the first part there a stork holding a stone in his foot. In the second and in the third parts an or vine. At the compatment there is a masonry with the date of foundation of the town - 1816. The stork with a stone symbolizes attention, an or vine signifies fertility of the earth, a masonry is to denote friendship of the representatives of all nationalities living in the town, a railway - is a symbol of industry. The authors are S.Postolov and V.Koval. 

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