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The settlement is known since the days of Kyiv Rus'. The origin of the name comes, probably, from the Old Slavonic "Reni" meaning "a river quay". In 1621 - 1821 the settlement belonged to Turkey, later - to Moldova and Russia. In 1918 - 1940 it was under the Romanian jurisdiction. Since 1940 the settlement became part of Ukraine.

Герб румунського періоду


The emblem of the Romanian period

The emblem of the Romanian period was confirmed in 1932. A shield framed with an azure bordure. In a gules field there was an argent rafter with an or cross under it. Above the rafter in the dexter side there was an argent sword and on the sinister side an or anchor. The shield was crowned with an argent mauerkrone with three embattlements

Герб радянського періоду


The soviet emblem

It was confirmed at March, 7th, 1991. Shield per pale by or anchor on the azure and sable. In the first part is azure ship on the or wave. In the second part is gules grapes branch with vert leaf. The sable chief is charged by the or city name on the Russian and Romanian languages. 

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