PATENTBUREAU Symbolics Of Prydniprov'ia Feodosiya
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The town was founded in the VI century B.C. In the first century A.D. it became dependent on Rome. In the XIII century the Genoese fortress Kafa existed there. In 1475 the town was captured by Turkey. The town got the modern name after joining the Russian Empire in 1784. The most ancient Tartar symbol of Kafa was a gules tamga (symbol of power) with a crescent in an argent field which also was a symbol of power.




The 1st emblem of the Russian period



The first emblem of the Russian period was suggested by the town-major S.Bronevs'kyi and it symbolized the development of trade and rich harvests of Taurida. It was confirmed on the 11th of May 1811. In an azure field a trident of Neptune and a staff of Mercury in cross. In chief of a shield there was a sheaf and in base the Golden Fleece.




The 2nd emblem of the Russian period



On the 17th of November 1844 there was confirmed a new emblem of Feodossija. In an azure field there was a sable Russian eagle in chief and in base a gules Genoese tower with an argent ship bow to denote an ancient stay of the Genoeses there and an ancient significant trade of the port of Feodosija.




B.Kene project



On the 4th of November 1875 B.Kene worked out a project of a new emblem of the town: in an azure field is a or gin, from which is an or bull head with gules eyes. In the canton there was an emblem of Tavrijs'ka province. The shield is crowned with an argent mauerkrone with three embattlements and was put on two or anchors connected by the ribbon of the Order of St.Alexander. The emblem was not approved.




The soviet emblem



It was confirmed at December, 14th, 1967. The shield per pale by gules and azure. In the first part is an or rising sun, on it is the argent fortress tower. On the tower is the vert branch of a grapes with or leaf. In the second part is the sable anchor. The azure chief is charged by the or city name. The author is S.Malyshev.