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For the first time it was mentioned as a town under the name of Tafgros in the papers of the first century A.D. The town was surrounded by a big ravine and maybe that gave the name of the town - Perekop.




The emblem of the Russian period



The emblem of the Russian period was confirmed on the 17th of November 1844. In a vert field there was an argent castle of Perekops'k; in the gules chief an or key of the Crimea peninsula to denote the entrance to it.




B.Kene project


On the 14th of March 1868 B.Kene worked out a project of a new emblem of the town: in a vert field is an argent fortress. In the gules chief is an or key. In the canton there was an emblem of Tavrijs'ka province. The shield is crowned with an argent mauerkrone with three embattlements and was put on two or anchors connected by the ribbon of the Order of St.Alexander. The emblem was not approved.