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In the middle of the 1st century BC on the place of Balaklava there was a settlement of Tavri. In the V century Byzantines owned the town. Since 1357 it was under the control of Genoeses and since 1475 - under the control of Turks. After 1783 the town was a member of the Russian Empire.




B.Kene project



B.Kene worked out a project of a new emblem of the town - in an gules field there was an embatted belt. An argent cross of St. George was above the belt and an argent Genoese gate was in base. In the canton there was an emblem of Tavrijs'ka province. Symbolics were connected with the Genoese period of Balkalava of the XIV - XV centuries and with events of the Crimean war (1853 - 1856). The emblem was not approved.