PATENTBUREAU Symbolics Of Prydniprov'ia Sudak
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It is known since 212 AD as Sugdea fortress. In XVII century belonged to genoeses.




The soviet emblem



It was confirmed at December, 8th, 1987 by the decision N351 of city council executive committee. The shield is abaised-and-four-parts, with gear top edge, or border and the argent base as the seagull. The first and fourth parts are gules, the second and the third are azure. In the first and second parts with wavy top are the or sun with beams in all parts. In the right half of sun are vert half grape leaf with an azure branch on it. In the left half of sun is half of violet bowl with twisting snake. On crossing of parts is a brown silhouette of the Genoa fortress. The fortress symbolizes main monument of architecture and a history. The seagull is a symbol of fauna of seaside city. The sun symbolizes plenty of a sundial in city. The grapes and a medical emblem designate the basic directions of city development - viniculture and a resort. The author is V.Shevchenko.