PATENTBUREAU Symbolics Of Prydniprov'ia Alushta
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It is known with VI century as Aluston fortress, belonged to Byzantium. In 80th years of XIV century it belonged to genoeses.




The modern emblem



It was confirmed at December, 26th, 2001 by the decision N23/47 of 23d city council session. In an azure French-shield is argent fortress tower with opened gate and walls accompanied in dexter chief by the or Byzantine, in the cinister chief by the Russian Empire crowns. Near the tower's compartment are 12 waves in three rows - 5-4-3.

The author is V.Devyatkin.




The flag



It was confirmed at March, 19, 2002 by the decision 25/13 of 25d city council session. There is rectangular panel with ratio 2:3. The left-top part is blue, bottom-right part is yellow. Between them is red stripe from top-right to left-bottom corner. Near the flagstaff on the 1/10 part of high and 1/10 part of width is white fortress tower above yellow waves. The high all image equals 1/3 of flag high, and width equals 2/3 of flag width. The tower is city symbol. The blue color means beauty, greatness, fidelity, unity and sea. The red color means spirit, valor. It is one of colors of Byzantine that found city. Yellow color means wealth, justice, generosity, and sun. The white color means purity and nobility.