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The town appeared in about the VII century A.D..

The first written mention refers to 907 when the prince of Kyiv Oleh after the successful raid on Byzantium charged the Greeks to paid taxes to Kyiv, Chernihiv, Pereiaslavl', Poles'k, Rostov, Lubech and others.

In 1623 the town was given the Magdeburg Right and an emblem - St.Vladyslav in cuirass with a gules flag. That picture existed on the town seal till 1782.




The emblem of the Russian period



The emblem of the Russian period was confirmed on the 4th of June 1782. In an argent field there was an one-headed sable eagle crowned with an or crown and holding a gilt cross in its left claw.




B.Kene project



At 20.03.1859 B.Kene worked out a project of a new emblem of the town. In an argent field there was a sable eagle crowned with an or crown and holding a gilt cross in its left claw. The shield is crown with an argent mauerkrone with three towers and frame with two or ears, which are twine with the ribbon of the Order of St.Alexander.




The soviet emblem



It was confirmed at March, 15th, 1969 by decision I of city council session of XII convocation. Board per pale by azure and gules. In the center of it is the or ear in pale. In the right part is argent ancient gun to the left. In the left field are argent retort and sheave on it. In the base is per pale fillet engrailed fess countercharged with fields. In the chief or cartouche is the sable city name in the Ukrainian language, in its base are sickle and hammer.

Ear is symbol of the center of agricultural region. The gun is symbol of a fortress. A retort and sheave symbolize the basic directions of the industry - manufacture of synthetic fibres and cloth combine. Waves symbolize the Desna river. The author is A.Lemeshko.




The modern emblem


ofOn the 1st of December 1992 town council session confirmed a modern emblem - in an argent field there is a sable eagle with an or crown and holding an or cross in its left claw.

Прапор Чернігова


Flag of Chernihiv