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The first written mention refers to 1616. The origin of the name comes from the river Umanka.

Since 1648 it was a regimental town.

Герб російського періоду


The emblem of the Russian period

The emblem of the Russian period was confirmed on the 6th of April 1845. In the upper half of a per fess shield in an or field the State Russian emblem. The lower half was divided into two. In the first part in an azure field there was a Ukrainian Cossack with a spear. In the second part in a gules field there were an uhlan spear and a scythe in cross. On them there was an uhlan hat and a sickle was in base.

Проект Кене


B.Kene project

In 1864 B.Kene worked out a project of a new emblem of the town - in a gules field there are two or spears in cross and four argent sickles with handles down and points to the dexter side are around spears. In the canton there was an emblem of Kyivs'ka province. The shield was crowned with an argent mauerkrone with three embattlements and within two or spikes entwined with the ribbon of the Order of St.Alexander. The emblem was not approved.

Герб радянського періоду


The soviet emblem

It was confirmed at August, 8th, 1986 by the decision of VI city council session. In Varangian shield with gules field and azure base is the argent pavilion of flora symbolizing park "Sofiivka", above it is argent monument to the newspaper "Iskra". On the sides of a board are or ears. The or chief topped by five towers and charged by the argent city name. In an base is or half gear, inside which on an azure background are sickle and hammer. The author is M.Klymenko.

Герб міста Умань


The modern emblem

On the 30th of May 1996 town council session confirmed (resolution є3-8/22) a modern emblem - in an azure field there is an argent Cossack with a spear. The Cossack symbolizes the glorious past of Uman', formerly regimental town.



The gonfalon

In May 30 1996 the session of the town council approved the gonfalon: a rectangular canvas with a ratio of the sides: 1:1. In a dark blue field there is a Cossack with lance, dressed in white. In top and bottom the gonfalon has a red edging with width of 1/8 of width of the gonfalon, on edging there are 14 silver stars.