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The first mention refers to 1394.

Герб періоду Речі Посполитої


The magdeburg emblem

The coat of arms of the Polish period was granted in 1791 by the king Stanislav Avgust. In a azure field there is a horseman, armed with a lance.


Проект герба російського періоду


The emblem of the Russian period (project)

The project of the coat of arms of the Russian period was developed in 1851. The board is crossed by azure and azure. In the top part there is a coat of arms of Kiev; in bottom part there is galloping horseman. The author is S.Lans'kyi.


Герб російського періоду


The emblem of the Russian period

The emblem of the Russian period was confirmed on the 26th of December 1852. In the upper part of a per fess shield Kyivs'ka emblem. In the lower part in a gules field there was an argent courant horse. The shield is crowned with an argent mauerkrone with five embattlements.


Проект Кене


B.Kene project

In 1864 B.Kene worked out a project of a new emblem of the town - in a gules field there is an argent horses heard whith sable eyes and a tongue and two or horse-shoes. In the canton there was an emblem of Kyivs'ka province. The shield is crowned with an argent mauerkrone with three embattlements and within two or spikes entwined with the ribbon of the Order of St.Alexander. The emblem was not approved.

Герб радянського періоду


The soviet emblem

It was confirmed at September, 18th, 1985 by the decision N3-19/3 of III city council session of XIX convocation. The board per fess by azure and gules. In the shield is argent horseman on the argent horse, holding in lifted hands the or sheaf of ears. Under the horseman are three or waves. In the chief of or cartouche is the sable city name in the Ukrainian language, in its base is sickle and hammer. A horse is element of the historical arms, a symbol of steppe open spaces and cossacks. The horseman means city image, because it is youngest regional center of republic. The authors are N.Telizhenko, A.Petrenko, A.Kostogryz.


Герб міста Черкаси


The modern emblem

On the 11th of January 1995 town council session (resolution є4 - 22/19) confirmed a modern emblem. The shield is per fess with azure and gules. In the upper part there is a Cossack in gules clothes with a rifle on his shoulder, with a saber and a powder-box on his waist-band. In the lower part there is an argent horse courant to the sinister side. During XV - XVIII centuries the town was one of the centers of the Ukrainian Cossacks that's why there is a picture of a Cossack in the upper field.

The heraldic horse is a symbol that unites courage of a lion, keen sight of an eagle, strength of a wolf, dexterity of a fox. All this shows the qualities of people from the ancient times living here and the old town emblem of 1852. The authors are Tolkushyn and Pendiura.