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The first mention refer to the XVI century.

In the 1648-1654 it was a squadron town if Chygyrynsky regiment.

In 1773 it was given the Magdeburg Right.

According to a legend during one of the numerous raids of the Tartars a maiden led prince's army in the rear. The enemies were defeated but the maiden was killed by the Tartars arrow. Nobody knows her name. When a settlement appeared on the place of the battle they named it Smela (from the word meaning "brave").


The modern emblem

On the 10th of July 1992 town council session (resolution є8-21) confirmed a modern emblem. In a vert field there is a girl in argent clothes with ornaments, with an or plate, a gules headband. The girl is breaking a sable arrow in two over her head. In base of the shield there is an argent wall with sable seams. The broken arrow symbolizes victory of the good over the evil. The wall is a symbol of courage and fortitude.


The gonfalon

In July 10 1992 by the decision є8-21 the town council approved the gonfalon: a rectangular crimson canvas with a ratio of the sides: 1:2, in center of which there is a coat of arms of town in white framing.