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It was founded by Yaroslav Mudry. The origin of the name comes from the Crimean Chersonese. The people from there after baptism were priests in Kyiv. They got a right from a prince to collect tributes in a settlement named as their native south Chersonese (Korsun').

In 1584 it was given the Magdeburg Right and an emblem - in a gules field there was a picture of a bow with an arrow on it.

Since 1648 it was a regimental town.

Герб Корсунь-Шевченківський


The modern emblem

A modern emblem of the town has been confirmed in April 1992. In the upper part of a per fess shield with a double-concave azure belt in a gules field an or bow with an arrow on it. In the lower part in a vert field there is a gules tower. The azure belt is the river Ros flowing through the town. The tower is a picture of one of the most ancient buildings of Korsun - the entrance gate of the estate of the Lopukhin-Demydov. The author is O.Tolkushyn.