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Datebase Of Objects

There is information about the objects of intellectual and industrial property In Database, that is offered for the sale, or for the receipt of licenses to their use.

Information forms group on the types of objects: "Objects of industrial property", "Trade marks", "Works".

The Base of "Objects of industrial property" contains the information about inventions, useful models, industrial prototypes, and also other objects of intellectual property, that is industrially suitable and is offered by their proprietors for acquisition in own, or for the use on licenses.

In a base of the "Trade marks" are two-bit of only those images which are protected by the certificates of state registration, or exhibition priorities. Basic amount of images - about 700 - are in the closed base, an access to which can be had only by the clients of Creative Studio and Patent bureau. Base contains original author developments of trade marks, commodity signs, ideograms and icons, which were created by the designers of heraldry, graphісs arts during a few decades and continues to be filled up. Many enterprises and organizations took advantage of this Base already, and some of developments became known as popular brands.

In a base "Works" take place both image and the text and sound materials.

  • About development of materials of requests and condition of state registration of objects of patent and copyright to look here.
  • About the cost of creation, development of logotype, trade mark, commodity sign, emblem, to the coat of arms, to the flag to look here.
  • About the terms of development of the names, designations, slogans, mottos to look here.

It is also possible to revise the separate images of the executed wares and information about production of symbolism.

Doing the order is possible by phone, E-mail, or granting directly in the representative office of Creative Studio