Elaboration of symbols, heraldic attributes

Manufacture is fulfil by "Creative Studio", that unites four specialized enterprises on manufacture of symbolics and ceremonial attributes - Firma TOR, RICH enterprise and PB of Victor Hladchenko.

Thr Creative Studio has representations in Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv.

The state, national, regional, corporate and individual symbolics is made with obligatory observance of necessary rules and canons of heraldry, national, historical traditions, and firm "know-how".

Flags, representation banners, standards, banners, coat of arms, pennons, desktop tags, celebratory garlands, wooden and metal flagstaffs with several kinds of tops, interior floor pedestals, flagstaffs with mechanisms of a raising of a flag, and also a products of ceremonial, legal attributes (portraits, tribunes for performances (pulpits), etc.) are elaborated and produced by skilled highly skilled specialists who repeatedly became winners in various competitions and provide victories of the enterprise over the tenders over manufacturing of the best quality of symbolism.

The enterprise the only one represented Ukraine in 1998 at a meeting "EUROPARTNER-98", in Dortmund, Germany.

In March, 2001 is gained the victory over open competition on development and manufacturing of symbolics for an ornament of city of Sevastopol by 10-th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine, organized by the Sevastopol state administration.

On idea of the Natalia Nikitina & Valerij Solodov - Main painter and Main architect of Sevastopol city, are revived - unique historical celebratory ornaments of city - sailing compositions which have been established across all Sevastopol are elaborated and made by Specialiyed enterprise "RICH".

There was a known elaborated and produced by Art Studio a military flag, which 18 July, 2002 the President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma are presented in solemn conditions to 25-th Separate airborne brigade of airmobile army. In mass media it has been named Flag from the President.

August, 2002 - a victory is won over the tender on manufacturing of the symbolics, that organized by tax administration of Dnipropetrovsk.

In April, 2004 - a victory is won over advertised bidding on manufacturing of the symbolics for Joint-Stock Company of CB Privatbank.

Bronze, brass, the steel, valuable breeds of wood, stones, plastic are applied to manufacture of products of symbolics, volumetric mouldings, a mosaics, an art embroiderys, applique' works, etc. Fabrics with bright and stable colors which, together with executed serigraphy imprints, it is possible to use in adverse weather conditions and to erase. Flags for external use are produced like maritime - with planimetric reinforcings and strengthening patches that guarantees their especial durability. Banners, standards, pennons for cabinets & halls of assemblies are carried out with art sewing (use various techniques), are decorated with a fringe and tassels under gold, tops from a polished bronze (brass), floor interior pedestals, transparent casings with pedestals for storage of flags and others an accessories.

The assortment of products periodically increases. A series of products is constantly available.

The qualified experts, professional heraldry designers, painters, historians who own necessary knowledge for performance of responsibility tasks in sphere of heraldry, vexilology, ceremonial attributes, creators of trade marks, firm style, designs, logograms, ideograms, emblems, coats of arms are fulfil.

The patent engineers of Patentbureau are develop the services of elaboration of materials of applications for organ of the state registration of trade marks, industrial standards and also the author's and adjacent rights .

Leading scientists, authors of fundamental scientific works closely cooperate with Creative Studio on a family tree, genealogy, a history.

Separate products of symbolics can be seen in section "Our elaborations and products".

Representations of "Creative Studio":

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skype: patentbureau