The website has received name  after 10 years of existence under a domain name by and the name "RICH-SITE". 


web-site_logo_en The new version of a site is caused by necessity to make presentation of a problematics of the intellectual property and symbolics corresponding to perfection of Internet technologies and methods of representation of the information. Technical elaboration of a site is carried out by knack of Studio 908 in April, 2004. With the purpose of preservation of an image of a site, the basic elements of former author's design are reproduced.

The website will consist from several independents, and, at the same time, connected among themselves, pages which display activity of structural units of research-and-production corporation, that "PATENTBUREAU" (reduction from the "Patent bureau") its a represents. The language of project is Ukrainian and English. Some placements is carried out also by other European languages, and also - on Russian.

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The significant place in a site occupies Web-journal "Intellectus" -

the popular scientific web-edition with accent on illumination of questions innovation, the intellectual property, and also a history, symbolics and heraldry, with to covers also separate actual sociopolitical problems;

IntellectusWeb-edition consists of dynamic blocks with switching and references to the separate publications, databases and different informing materials of site

Scientific and popular scientific materials with an accent on showing of new technologies, problems of intellectual property, history, symbolism and heraldry are published. Separate materials are duplicated in translations. The author publications take place in a magazine free of charge.

A magazine consists of the following sections: TEMPORALOGIA (Journal in journal, which lights the question of physics, cosmophysics); HISTORICAL BACKGROUND (section, in which heading is also Historical stroke); FACTS AND MYTHS (with headings: Orbis Terrarum, Hominum, Historia, Traditio, "Church"); section ECONOMY AND ANALYTICS; INTELLIGIBILISATSIA (with headings: Innovation, Commercialization, Branding, Clear up", Author!!!, Wonders, Not superfluous to know); SYMBOLISM AND HERALDRY (where headings are: Interesting about heraldry, Heraldry now, Pseudoheraldry); THE COSSACKS.

Well-known scientists, experts in the area of the intellectual and industrial property, historians, heraldry designers, painters cooperate with Intellectus.

THE NOTE: The section of magazine in English is incomplete and is infrequently updated. Read magazine in Ukrainian.

On a page Commercialization of techyologies there is an information about Ukrlicensintorg - structural division which carries out services of an estimation and commercialization of inventions, industrial samples, trade marks/service of marks and other objects of the intellectual property contains. Here there is a Database of objects of the intellectual and industrial property which are offered for sale or for reception of licenses for their use. Also on page there is an information on preparation of materials of applications for reception of licenses for separate kinds of economic activities and elaboration of bar codes.

patentbureau_ideogram patentbureau_e_en  The page Patentbureau" (Patent agency, Patent office) informs about services of elaboration of materials of applications for registration of objects of the industrial, intellectual property, the author's and adjacent rights, and also preparations of author's and license contracts. Also here it is possible to find some acts of legislation.

Patentbureau includes at itself territorial subsections Kyivpatent, Dniprpatent and "Kharkivpatent".

The page Symbolics Prydniprov'ia where in cooperation with leading historians, regional specialists and experts of heraldry, made the attempt to show which is oustanding was, is and as the symbolics, heraldry of Prydniprovia of Ukraine and some adjoining regions, develops.

In the description materials of a site "Ukrainian heraldry also are used. There is a reference to other heraldic links.

In section "Our elaborations and products" informs about results of activity of "Creative Studio", that unites four specialized enterprises on manufacture of symbolics and ceremonial attributes - Firma FORT (Kharkiv), RICH enterprise and PB Hladchenko (Dnipropetrovs'k).

The section consist of subitems: Elaboration of Creative Studio and Patentbureau , Separate products of symbolics amd "Classifier of graphic execution of marks".

Subsection "Elaborations of Creative Studio and Patenbureau" it is the list of images of trade marks, commodity signs, emblems, ideograms, logograms and icons, and also heraldic images and coats of arms, the authors of which there are the specialists of Creative Studio are designers of heraldry and painters. Also there are works of other authors, materials of state registration of which were elaborated by specialists of Patentbureau. Information in subsection is parted on "Trade marks, ideograms, pictograms", "Emblems, coats of arms, signs medallic", "Labels", "Publicity leaves, placards, signboards", "Monograms, patterns, pictures", "Playing-cards, plastic cards", "Models of newspapers, magazines, books", "Toys".

In "Separate products of symbolics " there is an information on separate elaboration and products of subjects of symbolics, heraldry and ceremonial attributes which were produced by Creative Studio.

MATRUKUL is the list of familial and corporate emblems and coats of arms is it a mean, that enables to every persons interested to promulgate kleynode (difference), and thus, to declare the exceptional right on him. For this purpose it follows only on to send the Geralmeister message, in obedience to rules for authors.

On a page "Manufacturing of symbolics there is the list of various products of the state, regional, corporate and individual symbolics which can be ordered in Creative Studio".

Also here there is an information concerning services of elaboration of trade marks, companys names, coats of arms, and also services of manufacturing of flags, representation banners, standards, the coats of arms and other symbolics.

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Note: Development and editing of materials of site proceeds.

More full version and a lot of publications - in the Ukrainian language.