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The first historical name of a right-bank part of city - Svyati Hory (Sacred Mountains) - is known from written sources of XVI century. Since 1624 in Svyati Hory was found man's monastery in a cretaceous rock. The monastery becomes the first constant settlement on right-bank parts of city. Taking into account often attacks and robberies of the Crimean Tatars, in second half of XVI century was organized border services near Donets' river includes also 5-th Svyatohirs'ka guard. In 1787 monastery was closed by Katerina's II decree, and his property have given to treasury. In 1790 empress has presented it to Grygoriy Potyomkin. In 1844 the monastery was restored. The right-bank part in documents was called Svyatohirs'k, left-bank - Banne. For short time cave temples have been updated, were constructed new churches, cases and economic buildings. In 1922 the monastery was closed, on its territory was organized the rest house. In 1927 on mountain have built a 22-meter 800-ton monument of Artem. It was executed in style of cubism. Since 1964 Banne has receives the status of city and renamed in Slovyanohirs'k. In 1980 there was created the state historical-architectural reserve. Since 1992 the monastery operates again, at May, 15th, 2003, city officially renamed in Svyatohirs'k.

"Znak" 31, 2003.


Svyatohirs'k coat of arm


The modern emblem

It was confirmed at July, 15th, 2003. In the vert field on abaised azure base are argent five mountains (3:2), topped by or cross. The emblem adorned by argent decorative cartouche and crowned by argent city crown. Below it is green-white tape with white inscription "SVYATOHIRS'K". The right tenant is the 5-th Svyatohirs'k guards soldier (the end of XVI century) with a spear, the left tenant is cossack with a spear and a sabre. The authors are O.A.Zhytnychenko, A.V.Zakorets'kyi.

Vert background specifies picturesqueness of the nature, azure base means the river Severs'kyi Donets', five argent mountains mean the Donets'k cretaceous rock having five cretaceous cones. The or cross on the rock speaks about an antiquity of Christian belief. Vert and azure colors symbolize a resort. The soldier symbolizes protection of borders, cossack means protection of a monastery.

Svyatogirs'k gonfalon


The gonfalon

It was confirmed at July, 15th, 2003. A square green panel with horizontal dark-blue strip along the bottom edge in width of 1/6 part of a panel. In a green field are five white mountains (3:2), topped by a yellow cross. The mountains height with a cross makes 3/4 part of a gonfalon.