PATENTBUREAU Services and temporal tariffs in relation to copyright and the...
Services and temporal tariffs in relation to copyright and the adjacent rights
ServiceUnit of measuringTariff,hrn
Filing of an application and receipt of registration Certificate on work: ordinary (standard) procedureduring 3 months1100 (for each dditional owner +50)
during 3 months1700 (for each dditional owner +50)
Elaboration and application for state registration of the contract on transfer (assignment) of property copyright and receiving the decision of the State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine on registration agreement: ordinary (standard) procedureduring 3 months2100 (150 for each additional co-owner; 500, the allocation / division specific creative contributions of co-authors)
The application is accompanied by payment of state collection for preparation to registration: legal entities - 161.5 UAH .; from individuals - 55,25 UAH., and the fee for issuance of the certificate of registration, legal entities - 25.5 USD; from individuals - UAH 8.50. In the case of registration of author transfer right on work by agreement, a request is accompanied by collection in 195,5 UAH
Elaboration up of the contract on transfer of the property rights ontract of concession1 contract550
ontract of concession1 contract550/ 500 - if an agreement is folded at the same time with elaboration of claim for registration of copyrights
Office-work under the contract about transfer of the property rights / license contract1 contract250
Editing and translation into the Ukrainian language of the description of work given by the applicant1 description100
Consultation on questions of the rights to copyright150
The state ertificate about registration of copyright is given out during 3 months. The copyright operates from the date of creation of product up to the end of a life of the author and 70 years after his{its} death
Services are executed from a next day after an appeal. Urgent after an additional agreement