PATENTBUREAU Services and temporal tariffs in relation to international registration...
Services and temporal tariffs in relation to international registration of trade marks
ServiceUnit of measuringTariff,hrn
Elaboration of international application for registration of the mark and prosecution7 working days4000
The fee for filing an application for international registration of the mark Madrid - 600 UAH. International fees for the actions of the international registration shall be paid in Swiss francs: basic fee - 653CHF. (where any reproduction of the mark is in color - 903CHF). Supplementary fee for each class of goods and services beyond three classes - 100CHF. Complementary fee for the designation of each designated Contracting State - 100CHF (in some countries set individual fee).
Alaboration of application and prosecution on territorial extension of legal protection for the mark on previously filed an international application7 working day
Registration application for registration of a trademark, service mark in the Russian Federation - 2700RUB. Examination of the designations, claimed as a trademark, and a decision on its results - 11500RUB + 2050 for each of the classes of the International Classification of goods and services for which registration is requested, more than 1. Registration of a mark and issuance of certificate - 16200RUB.
Consultation on questions of the rights to trade marks, brands (free of charge within the limits of service, that is executed)contract
Decision of the vexed questions and defence of rights for the proprietor of trade mark in a courtcontract
Services and temporary tariffs for information retrieval and examination of marks for goods and services: