PATENTBUREAU Rus' is not Russia

Rus' is not Russia

Rus'_simbolThe English-language reader needs to report an important feature which exposes essence and problem of understanding and use of the word Russia.

The citizens of Russia and Ukraine on the whole know that Rus' and Russia mean the names, however far not all understand in a complete measure a difference in the value of these concepts. English-language pronunciation of the name "Russia" formed of writing of this word Greek.

By ancient Greeks the Rus' name was pronounced and was written as Russia. Thus the name of country, which by its people was always pronounced and is now pronounced as, is Rus', due to Greeks (and farther by the Byzantine church) spreading on a world and there is known as such, that Russsia is pronounced. In the turn, it entailed substitution of concept and attempt to garble everlasting history of unique people of Rus', which is differently named, is people of Ukraine.

About that why by the name of the state, which was named Rus' (Russia) and the capital of which ancient Kyiv was always, began to name other state which to 1721 year was named Muscovy, to read in the essay of "Facts and myths about the origin of the concepts Rus', Russia and Ukraine".

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